Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If I could do cartwheels, I would be out doing a whole bunch of them!

I had my NUT visit today. We went over the post op lifestyles of the two surgeries my surgeon does; the realize band or gastric bypass. We talked about surgery options, and my progress. I showed her my labs. She wasn't as surprised as I was about the cholesterol numbers. She told me that I was doing great with the pre-op diet and the numbers reflect that. Major compliment!

She also talked to me about the billing error. She is working on it herself with the hospital. She can't understand why I was billed double for her services, and was very apologetic. She even told me that today's visit was going to be billed as one cycle instead of two as a way to apologize for the mix up! So in other words she saw me for 30 minutes and only charged me for the 15 minute rate!

But best of all, SHE SIGNED OFF ON THE SURGERY!! I told her my insurance changed the requirements, and she said, "good, you're READY!"

So she's letting the surgeon's office know tomorrow, and it's now up to them to submit to the insurance. They'll notify me when they do so we can get started on the next step, the cardio/pulmonary clearances.

I'm so excited! I should know by next week if I'm approved!! I still can't believe it's actually happening!


  1. wooo hoo... congrats! you're on your way. So you've absolutely decided on banding? Or you're not sure which way yet?

    I also had insurance/ billing issues with my hospital. I've been arguing with them for months. Every so often someone calls and tells me "oh, you're right, we'll send you a corrected bill" then a couple days later I get a call saying that I owe some outrageous amount and when am I going to pay!

    Even so, I'm really happy I had my surgery. I had it fairly easy, and I'm doing well enough that I can see my goal ahead of me.

  2. actually I've almost always been sure I wanted to go with the Roux En Y. I did waffle back and forth a bit, basically "cold feet". I also seriously considered the duodenal switch but my insurance doesn't cover it. With my BMI and habits, I am sure the RNY is the way to go for me. I am a sweets eater, and ice cream would be too easy to eat with the band...