Monday, July 13, 2009

Are you kidding me????

When I went through my initial psych consult, Mickey asked me if I had any health problems. I told her other than the weight, I was healthy as a horse. She looked at me and said "No, you're morbidly obese, you aren't healthy."

Well, ok, like I said, besides the weight I am healthy....

So today I went for the follow up with Nicole. She had ordered the echo and labs back on July 2nd. I have to admit I was REALLY nervous about it all. I had never had my thyroid tested, never had a cholesterol screen, etc.

Wanna know my numbers?

Cholesterol 167
Triglycerides 91
HDL 47

OMG are you serious?? I know people on cholesterol meds whose numbers aren't that good! You've got to be kidding me??

Fasting glucose was 85

thyroid was normal, sodium a little high but Nicole said that was probably due to the huge amounts of water I'm drinking.

My echo was perfectly normal, no issues.

So yeah, like I said, other than being morbidly obese, I'm healthy as a horse!


  1. Tina..I think that most healthiest part of you, is your attitude, and you're amazing!

  2. Awww, you made me cry! What a nice thing to say! THANK YOU!