Friday, August 28, 2009

Updates after a busy couple weeks....

Well I haven't updated in a while since the fair was last week and school started this week. I thought I'd take a minute and jot some things down...

I had several WOW moments since returning to school. The first one was at the inservice on Tuesday. One of the fitness teachers who was here during the summer while I was working out came over and commented on how great I look! I hadn't been to the fitness center for a few weeks due to vacation and the fair so hadn't seen him. I had been doing other activities, just not the fitness center. Well, I tell ya, what better wow than to have a gym teacher tell you that you're doing great?? I was so over the moon happy! I finally told him about the surgery (hadn't said anything previously, just that I was trying to lose weight) and he was so supportive. He offered to be my workout buddy once released by the doc to resume exercise! AWESOME! So I'll have my very own personal trainer!

Next wow... I fit in a student desk!! Last year it was a tight squeeze and I dreaded having to get back out of it to help the student I'm assigned to. Now I can pop right out and the desk doesn't groan!

Next wow.... tried on a pair of white capris today that were too tight last year... they are baggy! VERY baggy! Wore them with an extra large shirt that I bought thinking it would fit after surgery. Now I'm thinking I need to buy an even smaller size! It's our "official" school spirit shirt the staff is allowed to wear on Fridays....

next wow... one of the teachers came up to me and asked me who I was. I was sitting in the desk behind my student... She didn't recognise me with shorter hair and smaller hips!

I'm down a total of 51 lbs since Christmas....

Ok, back to work!

Congrats Theresa!

Awesome news about getting your surgery date! Keep me posted!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decor Elements Special Offer!

Let It Grow On You
Our Growth Chart special offer is off to a great start! From now until September 31 you can purchase this darling Growth Chart for just $24.95!

We’re excited to share with you some photos and tips from a few of the demonstrators that have fallen in love with this new, limited-time Décor Elements piece and are sure they’ll help our Growth Chart “grow” on you, too!

You Can Take It With You!
Mom and demonstrator, Anne Warman from Barrington, Illinois, has her house on the market, but that didn’t stop her from using the Growth Chart! Her husband trimmed and painted a piece of plywood to place the vinyl on so when they sell their house they can take the Growth Chart wherever they go!

Crushed Curry Creativity
Grandmother and demonstrator, Gail Beezley from San Antonio, Texas, recently bought a new (old) house with a separate studio. In true Stampin’ Up! style, she even painted the walls Crushed Curry! Gail says, “I fell in love with the Growth Chart and had to have it for my studio. I can’t wait until my granddaughter comes to visit so I can take a picture of her with it.”

This Idea Really Measures Up
Lisa Clark thought beyond the traditional use of the Growth Chart and created a ruler for her craft room. She cut out the ruler, then cut out the inch marks and adhered just the measurement marks to the edge of her counter. She then added the foot and half foot markers back in. Lisa uses this unobtrusive ruler to trim ribbon lengths, make quick measurements of scraps, visualize layouts, and more.

When asked about the other pieces of the Growth Chart that she didn’t use, she says, “I may use the tree and birds elsewhere in my craft room for fun.”

Remember, the Décor Elements Growth Chart is only available through September 30, so place your order today by visiting my website at

Friday, August 14, 2009

September 10th!

Yesterday I got the call I've been waiting for! Dr. Tvetenstrand's office called to let me know my surgery will be on September 10th! I am so happy and relieved!

I spent this morning writing my formal leave of absence request. I don't know why I stress over these things, especially now that we have the "internet". It's so easy to look for samples and combine different elements to create the perfect letter.

Next week I go see Mickey (the psychologist) for my pre-op head shrinking session. After I see her, it's across the street to the hospital for the PAT's... (Pre-admission Testing). EKG, chest X-ray, blood-work... then off to the fairgrounds. Special shout out to Cathy for switching shifts at the fair with me! Love you girl!

My last pre-op visit to Maureen (the Nutritionist) is on September 3rd. She'll give me the pre-op diet and guidelines for after the surgery.

I can't believe it is so close! In 3 weeks my new improved life begins!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harford Fair Time!

It's hard to believe the summer is almost over. Heck, we just recently started getting decent weather!

With the end of summer means Fair Time! Once again Cathy and I will be manning the Stampin' Up booth at the Harford fairgrounds. This year we are in a brand new location! Look for us right off the midway in the Founder's Building!

You're going to love the display Cathy has made! We're actually moving her craft room to the fair! Come check out how awesome our Definitely Decorative items, Designer Series Papers, and other wonderful products transform ordinary objects into a WOW!

Stop by the booth Monday through Saturday from 10-5 for an awesome special exclusive to my friends. Every person who stops by the booth and mentions this post will receive a free ticket in the Grand Prize drawing! Also, place an order, mention this post and receive 20% off your entire order!! Remember, this offer is only available while I am at the booth, so stop by during the day to take advantage of the savings!

Can't wait to see you all at the fair! August 17-22!

Edited to correct: On Thursday I will be at the fair from 5-close due to pre-surgery testing scheduled that day! So stop by Thursday evening if you can't make it during the day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New hairdo!

Well, today I bit the bullet and had all my hair cut off in anticipation of the upcoming surgery and inevitable hair loss. I already lose tons of hair every time I shampoo and brush it, so figured it was time to do something pro-active about it.

It was also pretty damaged from repeated perms and the recent bleaching/coloring episode for Kingdom Bound. Every year we dye our hair funky colors to match our group shirts. This year I decided to bleach it first so the color would show up better. The color was awesome, but my hair looked like straw...

Here is the before pic right after the bleach/color:

and here is the NEW me! Lovin' the hair cut, but can't wait to lose that double chin!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I had my mind erased and my face melted off!

No, I wasn't the victim of torture, but rather spent 5 days at Kingdom Bound Christian Festival at Darien Lake Theme Park!

Last year I was so embarrassed when I went to ride the Mind Eraser roller coaster with some members of our youth group. The ride attendant made me get off because I was "too fat" for the restraint to close properly. This year I am back down to the weight I was 2 years ago when I did fit, so we decided to try it again.

We entered the theme park and made a bee-line for the coaster. I was nervous as all get out all the way over! I was so afraid of being embarrassed again. My stomach was doing flip flops and twists and turns even before getting on the ride...

We decided to ride the front car so we were the first the attendant strapped in. He lowers the bar and CLICK CLICK CLICK! It clicked the mandatory 3 clicks it needed to in order for the restraint to be properly secured! I was instantly calm and SO STINKIN' HAPPY! I started crying! I was on the ride with one of our youth members, and he grabbed my hand and squeezed it. He knew what was going on, and was so happy for me!

We got off the ride and skipped all the way down the ramp! What a great feeling! He promised me NEXT year we were going to ride the Ride of Steel very first thing! I can't wait until next year!!

Kingdom Bound was so amazing for so many reasons. Saw some awesome concerts. Monday I camped out at the park stage all day to see some of my favorites. Skillet was the headliner. They have a new album coming out in a few weeks. They played one of their new songs. When they introduced the song, they said "If this song is rockin' and melts your face off, you have to share the word!"

So Skillet melted my face off after my mind was erased!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Imagine my surprise...

when I checked the mail on Thursday and there was an approval letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield! When I first saw the envelope I didn't think anything of it. I've been getting "explanation of benefits" letters all along detailing how much the insurance was billed, what they paid, and what my portion/copay is. We have an 80%/20% policy so the copays are always different.

Anyway, I opened the letter and it said:

Dear Doctor/Provider,

This letter is to inform you that procedure code XXXXXX for diagnosis XXX.X is covered based on the documentation received......

So!! Yes!! Dr. Tvetenstrand's office had already submitted the forms to the insurance!! I didn't even know! I thought they would do that after I met with him on Friday and we'd have to wait for the approval. This is so awesome!!

So I got my approval for the surgery before I even met with Dr. T.

I met him yesterday. What a nice man! I had heard so many horror stories about his bedside manner. I didn't get that vibe at all!

I didn't even have to "fight" for the Roux en Y procedure, either. All through this process his team has been "pushing" the Realize Band... I know with my habits, large amount of weight I need to lose, and potentially looming diabetes, the RNY is the way to go for me. I thought for sure I'd have to really talk him into letting me have the RNY. He seemed ok with my decision, told me the risks of both procedures, and that was it!

I talked to his insurance/office manager after Dr. T examined me. I gave her my copy of the approval letter. She needs to call BCBS to change the procedure code, so didn't give me an exact date for the surgery. But she did say that it should happen during the first week of September! I'll know for sure sometime next week!

So I'm approved and "sorta" scheduled!

I'm so happy, excited, scared, and just plain READY to start my new life as a "skinny person!"