Friday, July 3, 2009

This is the last....

birthday I'll spend FAT!

I turn 41 today. For 39 years I've woken up on my birthday fat. Next year I won't! That is such an amazing idea to me.

Having a birthday on/near a major holiday has always meant PIG OUT CITY. Tomorrow we are having family over, but my husband and I have planned a healthier menu. We're still doing the traditional backyard bbq, but we're choosing low fat items. I'm still making my mom's famous potato salad, but the mayo will be fat free. Instead of baked beans with brown sugar and bacon, we're having Pecos Bill's chicken chili with great northern beans and shredded chicken.... for dessert we're having rhubarb cake with sugar free cake mix.

And we're NOT telling anyone about the changes in the ingredients LOL!

Now a progress note:

Yesterday I had my echo cardiogram. MAN that hurt! I swear the guy took it seriously when someone taught him that you had to put the probe between the ribs to see the heart. He left bruises! I know I'm still extremely fat, but the first place I ALWAYS lose the weight is around my ribcage. I've lost 5 inches already so I know there isn't THAT much fat in the way and no reason he had to shove the probe half way between my ribs LOL!

I also had some blood work done yesterday morning. Another painful experience. I'm of the mindset that "you gotta learn sometime" so I'm always willing to let students/new grads practice on me. Well, yesterday I got a brand new phlebotomist. YIKES! My veins are bad to begin with, and she decided she'd hunt for them using the needle. I finally suggested she try the back of my hand instead... another "seek and destroy" mission. Finally the girl helping her took over, and in seconds it was all over...

The left side of my body looks like some freak artists study in blues and purples....

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