Friday, July 17, 2009

On to the next step!

Today I got "the phone call"! The phone call from the surgeon's office that I've successfully completed the nutritionist and psych phases of the pre-op stuff!

Lin from Dr. Tvetenstrand's office called me to set up the upper GI appointment. I go in next Monday! I also have THE appointment to finally meet with Dr. T to discuss which procedure I want and go over the surgical phase.

Once I see Dr. T, the paperwork will be faxed to Blue Cross for approval!

It's possible that I'll have a surgery date when I get back from Kingdom Bound!

I just hope it's not until the middle of September because of the fair and starting back to school, but if it is, that's ok! This is more important!

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  1. This is great, Tina! I wish you alot of luck on this journey :)

    Cindy in Boise