Saturday, August 1, 2009

Imagine my surprise...

when I checked the mail on Thursday and there was an approval letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield! When I first saw the envelope I didn't think anything of it. I've been getting "explanation of benefits" letters all along detailing how much the insurance was billed, what they paid, and what my portion/copay is. We have an 80%/20% policy so the copays are always different.

Anyway, I opened the letter and it said:

Dear Doctor/Provider,

This letter is to inform you that procedure code XXXXXX for diagnosis XXX.X is covered based on the documentation received......

So!! Yes!! Dr. Tvetenstrand's office had already submitted the forms to the insurance!! I didn't even know! I thought they would do that after I met with him on Friday and we'd have to wait for the approval. This is so awesome!!

So I got my approval for the surgery before I even met with Dr. T.

I met him yesterday. What a nice man! I had heard so many horror stories about his bedside manner. I didn't get that vibe at all!

I didn't even have to "fight" for the Roux en Y procedure, either. All through this process his team has been "pushing" the Realize Band... I know with my habits, large amount of weight I need to lose, and potentially looming diabetes, the RNY is the way to go for me. I thought for sure I'd have to really talk him into letting me have the RNY. He seemed ok with my decision, told me the risks of both procedures, and that was it!

I talked to his insurance/office manager after Dr. T examined me. I gave her my copy of the approval letter. She needs to call BCBS to change the procedure code, so didn't give me an exact date for the surgery. But she did say that it should happen during the first week of September! I'll know for sure sometime next week!

So I'm approved and "sorta" scheduled!

I'm so happy, excited, scared, and just plain READY to start my new life as a "skinny person!"

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  1. congrats! you're on your way! the longest part of the battle is over :)