Saturday, June 6, 2009

Down 12 lbs!

I can't believe it! I had my first appointment with the nutritionist on Thursday, and I'm already down 12lbs! That means I only have to lose 3 more to meet the surgeons required weight loss before surgery.

We went through my food logs from May 8,9, and 10. I have to tell ya, they were horrible. I had been on a "diet" prior to that weekend, but felt I should show her exactly what my real eating habits were. Not only that, it was Brandon's 12th birthday AND Mother's Day that weekend... So, you can probably imagine what the logs looked like.

She gave me an exchange book to teach me how to choose the proper foods. Some of it is confusing, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it after a while. It took me a lifetime of eating the wrong things, I'm not going to "unlearn" those habits in a day. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

There was one thing that happened during the visit that really made me angry. As part of the intake process, I had to list what my activities are.... so, of course, I listed stamping, scrapbooking, reading, and computer. She said I needed to change my activities, which isn't a surprise. I know they are sedentary activities, and have contributed to my weight gain over the past 5 years. However I HAVE made some changes. I've been walking anywhere from 2-3 miles a day with Buddy (our beagle). Sure it's not a fast pace, but most of it is hilly back roads. I was really proud of myself for doing this. Unfortunately it's not "good enough". The nut said I should be walking FOUR miles a day.....

Now seriously, my nut is MAYBE 140lbs if that. I'd like to see her walk 4 miles a day with an extra 150lbs on her! She's lucky I can even tie my sneakers myself let alone walk that far! Many of my friends who are going through this journey with me say they can't even walk from the car to the house without getting winded. So they are all very impressed with the amount of walking I've been doing...

I know I should just let it go like water off a duck's back, but all my life I've felt like I wasn't "good enough", and to have my nutritionist say that only made me want to binge...

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