Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saw the nutritionist today...

And I'm excited!

Not only have I already met my 5% weight loss requirement, but she's SIGNING OFF ON THE SURGERY!! That means she's approving me to move to the next step, which is the surgical consult with Dr. Tvetenstrand!

I can't believe it! She was really impressed with my food logs and the choices I've been making. She did flag a few items, but we discussed the reasons I chose them, and she was very supportive and helpful this time. Things like the bowtie pasta with alfredo sauce I chose during our mini-shoebox stamping swap yesterday. I thought since the sauce was cheese based that it was a better choice than either the pizza or the ziti. She said the ziti was actually a better choice since the cheese/alfredo sauce is mostly fat. She did say that she understood why I would choose it based on what I've learned so far, and was actually impressed by the logic I used in making that decision.

She also said she hasn't seen anyone come through the program yet who has made the changes I've made in such a short time. She said she could tell that I am very motivated to do what I have to do to become healthier.

Unfortunately I still have to wait 4 months until I can submit to insurance. So the nutritionist is having me come back in a month just to satisfy the supervised diet component of my insurance coverage. She also wants me to start decreasing the volume of food I'm eating at every meal to train myself for life after gastric bypass. I'm now only allowed to eat 1 cup of food for each meal/snack. I still have to get in the protein first, then veggies/fruit, and lastly the starch. She was very impressed with the high protein bread I found, and wants me to share that with my support group.

I did ask her if she wanted me to eat a cup by volume or weight. A cup of chicken weighs a lot more than a cup of broccoli. She told me to try both ways and see how I make out... so I think I'm going to start with 8oz by weight and then see if it fits into a 1 cup measure.

Thank goodness I paid attention in Mrs. Klim's science class at work and was able to ask that question!

So here's to a great day, and the next step on the journey! I feel like dancing!

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