Sunday, May 17, 2009

On my way!

Well, last Monday I had my first of many appointments to qualify for WLS. It was a two-hour class with a MSW and Nutritionist. This isn't going to be a walk in the park like so many people think. You have to change EVERYTHING you've ever done as far as food goes.

I've already made some significant changes that I thought would be very difficult, but weren't. First, I haven't had a soda for almost a month! Anyone who knows me KNOWS how significant that is! My dad said he couldn't believe it because I NEVER went anywhere without a bottle of Diet Pepsi in my hand... even to church!

Another is gum chewing. While I admit I still chew, I don't chew every day, and I don't chew all day. Usually pop in a piece after lunch at school to take away the "nasties" if you know what I mean?

Third, and the one I am really amazed at, is I've been walking Buddy, my beagle. Not JUST walking, but hiking! We're up to almost 3 miles a walk! Fortunately living out in the country, we've got some awesome back roads with little traffic, slight hills, and LOTS of gorgeous scenery! I think Buddy is enjoying it just as much as I am. He gets all excited when I put on my sneakers. He knows already that means WALK TIME! I wear slip on Crocs religiously otherwise.

Thursday I have my first solo appointment with the MSW. Hopefully she will not think I need more one on ones, and will recommend just the group meetings. She's basically going to talk to me and find out what underlying behavioral issues cause my eating. Am I a stress eater? Am I compensating for something? Or is it an addictive personality trait? Unfortunately I think it's a bit of all three...

So anyway, I'm off and running in the right direction to achieve my goal of a healthy life!

On the stamping front, I am almost finished with my bestest friend's graduation announcements! I'll post them when I finish them tomorrow!

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