Monday, September 7, 2009

Pre-op liquids day 3...

Well, so far so good, but I am HUNGRY today!

Last night we had our yearly fish fry at mom and dad's for the holiday. I was completely amazed at how much was on my plate after weighing it! Six ounces doesn't sound like a lot, but when you have fish fillets it is! It was delicious! Had 4oz fish and 2oz asparagus. Stayed away from the fries and hush puppies. For dessert I had sugar free jello and watermelon, both allowed in any quantity because it's considered a clear liquid.

Today I think I am hungry for two reasons.... this may be TMI, but my monthly visitor is here. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually relieved she's early! Now I won't have to deal with it immediately post-op.

Another reason is that I've been cleaning out my closet. I can't believe how many clothes I had. I have two huge garbage bags for Free Cycle. I also found many items that I'll still be able to wear for a bit post-op. Shouldn't have to buy much of anything for a couple months until I get below the plus sizes... being a hoarder finally paid off LOL! All of those "I'll fit back into this eventually" items will now be put to use!

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I'm really excited, but worried about my student. She cried all day Friday. She knows what is going on, and is more nervous than I am I think. I promised her that I would call her Thursday afternoon so she knows I'm ok. Luckily she has my sister 10th period at school so I can talk to her then.

Her mom is also a very good friend of mine, and has also had the RNY. I keep reminding her that her mommy had the surgery and did fine. That seems to help. Poor kid! I know she'll be fine once she gets into the new routine with my long-term sub. I still don't know who that is going to be yet.

I also applied for another position at the school. The health clerk position opened up, and that is what I originally wanted to do. It is what I did when I lived in Colorado, and I absolutely loved it. We'll see what happens. I stated in my letter of interest that I hoped they wouldn't disqualify me from the selection process based on my leave of absence. Since I have 2 years past experience and am already an employee, here's hoping they do the right thing... unfortunately we have a new administrator and sometimes his version of the right thing and ours doesn't always mesh.

Well, back to the sorting and cleaning. I haven't had the "nesting" instinct like this since my youngest was born 12 years ago!


  1. I have been following your blog, at the end of this month my paper work will be turned in to the insurance company after that it's in their hands but I have my fingers crossed.

    I wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear how you are doing!

  2. Thanks Kim! Best of luck to you! Hope everything turns out ok and you get the approval! Keep me posted!